The Pylomer API platform represents a collection of data access best-practices and industrial-strength security.

Organizations’ proprietary and sensitive data is often locked up in spreadsheets or behind corporate firewalls, making it inaccessible outside the office. With all the recent and very public data breaches, business owners have good reason to be concerned about the security of their important data. And with the move toward making that data accessible outside the office and on mobile devices, the problem is compounded.

Additionally, there is the problem of flexibility of spreadsheets and monolithic databases which function as large, integrated units. Anyone using spreadsheets extensively has seen the number of columns increase to the point where a spreadsheet becomes difficult to manage. Database tables often become similarly unwieldy, especially as they grow organically over time.


The modern solution to these problems is the microservices model. Each type of data, or table, is kept small, and contains only the attributes closely associated with that type of data. Each table can be accessed directly over the Internet at its secure HTTP URL, or endpoint, with no need for special code to connect to a database. This opens the door to easy access by mobile devices, and preserves your options to access the data in other, possibly unanticipated, ways.

The Pylomer API Platform

The Pylomer API platform offers the best in security and flexibility for your data. Data is stored on Google’s hardened infrastructure and secured with industrial-strength authentication. No user without an authorized Gmail address can access your data. Period. Your data resides in the same NoSQL Datastore which Google uses both internally and for its public-facing applications such as AdWords.

The Pylomer API admin console allows easy management of the data and highlights the power and simplicity of data access. The source code for the admin console is provided as a reference guide for your web designer to access the data. The source code for the back end is also provided and can be customized and redeployed by a web developer as desired.

In summary, preventing vendor lock-in and intruder break-in should be at forefront of any decisions by management when considering a platform for publishing data on the Internet for either public or internal use. The modern web services architecture and Pylomer API platform offer both.